Ron Cobb

How Churches Help People in the 21st Century

The church has been striving to address the needs of humanity for over 2,000 years. Now that we are in the 21st century, the Church is looking for ways it can redefine its role in society. In the past the Church served as the backbone of the community, all major life events from birth, marriage, and death took place at church.

Flashforward to the modern day, the church is no longer holds the influence it once did. In order to attract new parishioners the church is revamping its image to be more than a house of worship but a place that meets the needs of all people.

Services Provided by the Church

The services being offered by the church now address the needs of people from a variety of socio-economic backgrounds. These services are intended for all members of the public and not only those who participate in the Christian faith. Some of the services provided by churches include but are not limited to the following.

  • Food for those experiencing food insecurity. The majority of churches around the world provide a soup kitchen or food bank facility of some type. These facilities are created to meet the nutritional needs of people who lack the financial resources to procure food on their own. The members of the church perform a series of fundraisers to finance these programs and get very little to no government assistance with it.
  • School supplies and clothing for children. A significant number of parents do not have the money to purchase school supplies or clothing. Recognizing this need, the church gives parents in need access to clothing and school supplies for free or virtually free prices. There is no need to be a Christian in order to access these services. The Church has an open door policy to all people.

The church has survived two millennia by meeting recognizing the needs of people and meeting them, it will continue to redefine itself. You should make an effort to visit your local church even if you are not interested in the religious aspects of the building, there are services you could benefit from.